SHEROES of the Haitian Revolution (Deluxe Hardcover Edition)

Women played major roles in the fight against the invasion of Ayiti by European slavers for hundreds of years. This book profiles ten of the many women that fought, supported, and fully engaged in the Haitian Revolution. Written by historian Bayyinah Bello and illustrated by Kervin Andre. mid-October 2019 Release. Order Your Copy Now!!!

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Ayiti: Premye Repiblik Nèg


Ayiti: Premye Repiblik Nèg, se yon resi an pwofondè konsènan itswa ak lit pèp ayisyenansamn ak siksè yo kòm nasyon. Kwonoloji a nan liv sa a referans ak anpil moman istorik ki kondwi a kòman Ayiti pran endepandans li, epi li soti anba lobedyans kolonyal ewopeyen ak fransè pou yo te arive kòm premye repiblik nèg.

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Boukman: Black Revolution

Sold by his slave owner in Jamaica to a slave master in Saint Domingue, Boukman would join forces with Cecile Fatiman to tap into the powers of African spirituality and lead the initial slave revolts of The Haitian Revolution. The rebelling enslaved Africans sent shockwaves all across the world and Boukman would forever be remembered as the spark of the only successful Black Revolution.

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Haiti: The First Black Republic


Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr.’s Book: “Haiti: The First Black Republic” is a powerful historical work on the history, struggles, and subsequent victory of the Haitian people. This detailed account of how Haiti overcame European and French rule is a must read for all Haitian and Brown people alike!

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Makandal: The Black Messiah

Frantz Derenoncourt Jr.’s , “Makandal: The Black Messiah” chronicles the life of Makandal and his rise to prominence as the fearless Maroon leader who created an army which fought relentlessly to free Africans from French rule in colonial Haiti. This book is all encapsulating of the life and mission of “The Black Messiah,” and a black history staple for all literary collections.

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