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Frantz Derenoncourt, Jr. is a first generation Haitian-American born September 13, 1976 in Brooklyn, NY to Marie Alice Woolley and Frantz Derenoncourt. He attended Virginia State University in Petersburg, VA where he majored in Business Management and soon after moved to the nations capitol, Washington, DC. After working many 9 to 5 jobs around town, Frantz fell in love with the real estate industry and found success as a real estate sales associate and real
estate investor. As a child growing up in Brooklyn in the early 80s, Frantz was often picked on for being Haitian. Teachers could never pronounce his name correctly and the students would always have a cruel Haitian joke on hand. At times, he felt ashamed to be Haitian until he started reading about Haitian history. The fact that Haiti was the first country to have a successful slave revolt and win it’s own independence gave him a tremendous sense of pride. He started reading everything he could get his hands on in regards to the Haitian Revolution and relaying the stories to his own children. When he saw that his kids were just as excited as he was in learning this information, Frantz then realized that these fascinating stories needed to be told in a way that even elementary age children could appreciate the accomplishment of their ancestors. Thus, Thorobred Books was born.